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Our therapists have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we are excited to share with you!

These resources aim to support you in your research of developmental concerns or potential therapy needs and to help you feel confident to try some evidence-based (not the latest insta or tik tok trends) strategies and recommendations at home.  

Fussy Eating

Do you describe your child as a fussy or picky eater?

Wondering how to support your child to eat all those important vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, super foods, pro-biotics, fish oils (etc etc etc) that you hear they should to maintain their health, growth and energy (and if you even need to worry)?

Jo provides a great overview of Fussy Eating vs. Problem Eating, a great summary of two evidence-based approaches and who to get in touch with if you have concerns. 

Video length: 10mins

Resources and further information:

Picky Eaters vs Problem Feeders info sheet - by Dr Kay Toomey, SOS feeding approach.

Pre-writing skills for kindergarteners

Are you concerned about your child's pencil grip and drawing skills? Wondering if they should have developed a preferred hand by now or if you should have more masterpieces for the fridge?

Emma talks through the developmental sequences of holding a pencil and drawing shapes, how to support development of a dominant hand and shares her tips and tricks to get your child started on their writing journey.

Video length: 10mins


Emotional Regulation for children under 7

Are you concerned about your child's ability to manage and express their emotions? Feeling like your child goes from 0 to 100 faster than an F1 race car? (Feeling overwhelmed and stressed just trying to manage your own emotional reaction to their emotional outburst? - you don't need to worry, we've all been there!)

Jo explores the expected developmental sequence of emotional regulation, discusses some key approaches you can try straight away and strategies 

Video length: 10mins

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